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K20 Aerial platform on a Nissan e-NV200

10 Meters Electric Van Mounted Boom Lift (32’81”)

The K20 is an electric aerial platform mounted on a Nissan e-NV200. It has been designed to provide its users with an environmentally friendly, compact machine which allows operation without noise or pollution. This electric aerial lift has an impressi

KLUBB Model = K20 electric
Max. working height = 10m (32’81”)
Max. lateral outreach = 5m (16’40”)
Capacity = 120kg, 1 man basket, no outriggers
Rotation = 420°

K20 Aerial Work Platform Mounted on a Goupil G4

10 Meters Bucket Truck Chassis (32’10”)

Fully electric, the K20 is an eco-friendly zero emission aerial work platform. It is mounted on a electric Goupil G4 and can reach 10.10m working height and 4.10m offset. Exceptional features for its size!

KLUBB Model = K20 Goupil G4
Max. working height = 10.10m (33’2″)
Max. lateral outreach = 4.10m (13’5″)
Capacity = 120kg, 1 operator, 2 outriggers
Rotation = 420°

K32 GAZ Chassis-mounted Aerial Access platforms

10.5 Meters Bucket Truck Chassis (42’65”)

Hydrogen is a track chosen by several car manufacturers and which seems interesting to us....

KLUBB Model = K32GAZ
Max. working height = 12.50m (41’01”)
Max. lateral outreach = 7.30m (23’95”)
Capacity = 120kg, 1 operator, no outriggers 2 men basket with outriggers (option)
Rotation = 360°

KL26 GAZ Chassis-mounted on an IVECO DAILY

12 Meters Bucket Truck Chassis (39’37”)

With its telescopic boom that can reach 11.80m working height and a lateral outreach of 6.80m, the KL26 Chassis mounted Aerial Access Platforms are particularly recommended for advertising installers but also for maintenance of street lighting and overhead networks.

KLUBB Model = KL26 GAZ
Max. working height = 11.80m (38’71”)
Max. lateral outreach = 6.80m (22’31”)
Capacity = 120kg, 1 operator, no outriggers 2 man basket with outriggers (optional)
Rotation = 360°

100% ELECTRIC KL21B Van Mounted Aerial Platforms on an e-Expert

11.40 Meters Van Mounted Boom Lift (39')

This 100% electric platform van is a very powerful vehicle with its 11.40m working height and offset of 6.40m. Very compact, it has been designed to operate in tight spaces while maintaining adequate storage capacity and payload to transport tools and equipment. Easy to park and position on the road in order to not obstruct traffic, this electric platform van is a real asset for working in the city. It is also possible to use it for indoor operations since this machine does not emit polluting gases.Regarding autonomy, it can perform 32 aerial platform cycles and 230km (*) WLTP on the road, which represents an excellent solution for all companies who want to invest in environmentally friendly solutions.

KLUBB Model = KL21B
Max. working height = 11.40m (37’40”)
Max. lateral outreach = 6.40m (23′)
Capacity = 120kg, 1 operator, no outriggers
Rotation = 360°

100% ELECTRIC K20L on a cutaway e-Expert

10.50 Meters Van Mounted Boom Lift (39’37”)

XL battery pack equipped (75kwh), this 100% electric aerial work platform on an e-Expert van will surprise you with its 330km WLTP (*) autonomy on the road, but also during intervention with its 32 work cycles in electric mode.

KLUBB Model = K20L 100% electric
Max. working height = 10.5m (39’37”)
Max. lateral outreach = 5.80m (19’68”)
Capacity = 120kg, 1 man basket, no outriggers
Rotation = 420°