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10m Telescopic aerial platform on Nissan e-NV200


icon working height Working Height : 10.00
icon offset Offset : 5.00
icon rotation Rotation : 420

10 Meters Electric Van Mounted Boom Lift (32’81”)

KLUBB Model = K20 electric
Capacity = 120kg, 1 man basket, no outriggers

The K20 is an electric lifting platform, respectful of its environment. It is mounted on a compact E-NV200 Nissan van. Ecological and very compact, it allows operation without noise and emissions of harmful substances, so it is particularly suitable for all work at height in urban areas: maintenance of public lighting or video surveillance systems, maintenance of green spaces…

This model of electric box van is ideal for all companies and local authorities engaged in an eco-responsible approach but do not wish to compromise on technical performance. Indeed, this electric unit will be able to seduce with its height working of 10m and its offset of 5m, exceptional for its size.

What about e-NV200 batteries?

2 sorts of batteries are used in this electric van. The first one, is a simple 12V battery, exactly the same as the kind we find in vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. The second one is a Lithium-ion battery that focuses on traction motor of the van. The latter is enclosed in steel and mounted underneath the vehicle.

The electric van must be plugged-in in order for the Li-ion battery to be recharged. The vehicle system can also recharge the Li-ion battery by converting driving force into electricity while the van is decelerating or being driven downhill (also called regenerative charging). This van is deemed to be an environmentally friendly vehicle because it does not emit exhaust gases.

Standard Specifications

Electropump on lithium battery

Independent emergency manual pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security
Proportional controls
Secure access to the working platform
Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
Aluminium boom for optimum stability


Signalling devices
220V electric socket in basket
Reinforced suspensions
Trailer hook
Fully opening insulated basket
Custom fitting out of vehicles
Side ladder rack
For more platform options, please contact us before ordering

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