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Discover the E14P, an insulated aerial work platform ideal for the energy services !

Discover the E14P, an insulated aerial work platform ideal for the energy services !

Safe Technology, our Russian dealer, has put more than a hundred insulated platforms into circulation over the last three years! Mainly used for overhead installations and maintenance of power lines in Russia, the E14P has been designed to meet the expectations of network professionals who want to maintain a continuous power supply to distribution lines during maintenance or commissioning operations.

This is precisely the case of Rosseti Lenenergo, one of the largest and oldest power distribution companies in the country. Since 2005, as a result of the reforms in the Russian electricity sector, the company's main functions are transmission of electricity on 110-0.4-kV networks and connection of consumers to the power grid. As one of its main tasks the company has acquired an insulated aerial platform on ISUZU ELF 4X4LHD to build the power grid of the future.

This EGI KLUBB Group E14P van aerial work platform has a working height of 15m and is insulated up to 46kw in accordance with ANSI cat. B and C standards. It also gives the possibility to work in pairs thanks to its 200kg basket load. This 4x4 truck, built by Safe Technology, is equipped with a spacious cell allowing operators working under tension to have a real multi-function vehicle:

  • An insulated aerial work platform: to work at height in complete safety
  • A cargo: for loading the tools needed for their work
  • A suitable for conversion storage space: for optimal storage
  • A mobile workshop : integrated into the chassis and allows to keep the tools under locked and secure conditions. This workshop is a real work space.
  • An advertising buildboard: the bodywork of the cell to communicate the company's graphic identity and contact.

In our modern way of life, it is crucial to be well equipped, and today the basic equipment most used for the installation and maintenance of overhead power lines is undoubtedly the aerial work platform, which EGI Klubb Group has transformed into a multifunctional vehicle to support the energy companies in their interventions.

Just as Russia, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland and Croatia have infrastructures that are suitable for working under voltage, today it is unthinkable for these countries to exclude their customers from service continuity. Avoiding blackouts, maintaining a high level of availability of the installations, guaranteeing the safety of the agents and third parties, constantly adapting to technical evolutions, such are their challenges and we support you in this task.

Discover our models of isolated aerial work platforms designed for the electrical services industry, contact us!