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K42p Aerial Work Platform mounted on a tractor

15 Meters Truck tractor Aerial Platform (49’21” )

With a mix of precision and robustness, the K42P is a telescopic articulated aerial platform mounted on a tractor. This tractor mounted cherry picker will assist you during your agricultural interventions. It allows you to work up to 15 m high with an offset of

KLUBB Model = K42p
Max. working height = 15m (49’21”)
Max. lateral outreach = 8.20m (26’90”), 1 operator
Capacity = 200kg, 2 opérators with outriggers
Rotation = 360°

K42P Aerial Work Platform on a Van

15 Meters Van Mounted Boom Lift (49’03”)

Designed with the latest-generation jib, this van lift model offers many possibilities. Its exceptional performance makes it a perfect solution for all pruning work, electrics, signs installation or cleaning of surfaces at height.

KLUBB Model = K42P
Max. working height = 15m (49’03”)
Max. lateral outreach = 8.20m (26’90”), 1 operator
Capacity = 200kg, 2 operators, with outriggers
Rotation = 360°

KT18PZ Truck Mounted on a Mercedes Sprinter 5T

19.1 Meters Truck Mounted Platform (62’66”)

The KT18PZ new model mounted on a Mercedes Sprinter 5T has a working height of 19.1m and an offset of 9.40m. This machine has been especially designed for utilities companies. In order to provide them with a height performing platform on a compact van with a good payload for storage.

KLUBB Model = KT18PZ
Max. working height = 19,10
Max. lateral outreach = 9,50
Capacity = 265kg, 2 operators With outriggers
Rotation = 420°

KL38P Chassis Mounted On a < 3,5t vehicle

13.20 Meters Truck Mounted Platform (42’65”)

This aerial work platform with a working height of 13.20m and an offset of 7.80m on a light truck chassis can be equipped with boxes and sides to load your equipment.

KLUBB Model = KL38P
Max. working height = 13,20
Max. lateral outreach = 7,80
Capacity = 200kg, 2 operators
Rotation = 360°