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K42P Aerial Work Platform on a Van

15 Meters Van Mounted Boom Lift (49’03”)

Designed with the latest-generation jib, this van lift model offers many possibilities. Its exceptional performance makes it a perfect solution for all pruning work, electrics, signs installation or cleaning of surfaces at height.

KLUBB Model = K42P
Max. working height = 15m (49’03”)
Max. lateral outreach = 8.20m (26’90”), 1 operator
Capacity = 200kg, 2 operators, with outriggers
Rotation = 360°

KT18PZ Truck Mounted on a Mercedes Sprinter 5T

19.1 Meters Truck Mounted Platform (62’66”)

The KT18PZ new model mounted on a Mercedes Sprinter 5T has a working height of 19.1m and an offset of 9.40m. This machine has been especially designed for utilities companies. In order to provide them with a height performing platform on a compact van with a good payload for storage.

KLUBB Model = KT18PZ
Max. working height = 19,10
Max. lateral outreach = 9,50
Capacity = 265kg, 2 operators With outriggers
Rotation = 420°

KL38P Chassis Mounted On a < 3,5t vehicle

13.20 Meters Truck Mounted Platform (42’65”)

This aerial work platform with a working height of 13.20m and an offset of 7.80m on a light truck chassis can be equipped with boxes and sides to load your equipment.

KLUBB Model = KL38P
Max. working height = 13,20
Max. lateral outreach = 7,80
Capacity = 200kg, 2 operators
Rotation = 360°

PNT200 HE Aerial Platform on a Iveco Daily

20 Meters Bucket Truck Chassis (65'6")

This chassis mounted aerial platform offer high performance, safety and total cost of ownership (TCO). These products will offer high performance up to 20m high, and until 8.20m of lateral reach. The PNT200 HE is an ideal solution for rental companies, public lighting works or maintenance of electrical networks.

KLUBB Model = PNT200 HE
Max. working height = 20
Max. lateral outreach = 8.20
Capacity = 230kg
Rotation = 360°