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Second Hand Aerial Work Platforms

Do we have to wait for the right moment to buy a used aerial work platform? Prices, brands, state of the vehicle or the boom lift, there are so many aspects playing parts in our choice of aerial work platform, we could easily miss the good deal. At Klubb, as an aerial platform manufacturer, we strongly believe that choosing used aerial lift’s doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why we are offering you different used aerial work platform models on van’s, truck’s and chassis. Each of which is fully reconditioned.

Do not hesitate due to price, we are offering affordable prices that work in tandem with impeccable operating condition.

We are aware that your safety at work is the most important thing, after all we only have one life

We assure you that our machines receive a very strict test. Everything is sifted through, with the articulated telescopic arm (are the layers of insulation degraded ? Do the hydraulic cylinders still work as well? …).

More than the bucket, we also want to check the reliability of the vehicle on which the arm is mounted. The engine circuits but also the passenger compartment and the exterior of the vehicle are inspected before being placed on the market.

FILE N°704 - Aerial Platform ET32NE

Lifts mounted on van

FILE N°845 - Aerial Platform COMILEV EN120TVL

Lifts mounted on chassis

FILE N°1018 - Aerial Platform K20

Lifts mounted on a K20 chassis

FILE N°1022 - Aerial Platform SOCAGE T318

Lifts mounted on chassis

FILE N°1053DS - Aerial Platform K32 on a Renault Master

Lifts mounted on vans < 3,5t

FILE N°1049DS - Aerial Platform K32 on a Peugeot Boxer

Lifts mounted on vans < 3,5t

FILE N°1042 - Aerial Platform ET32

Lifts mounted on vans < 3,5t

Used van mounted work platform for sale

In our selection of aerial lifts for sale, you will find some used van aerial platforms. With a work heights between 10m and 15m these small vehicles are a very good solution if you need to intervene in urban environments. These used van aerial lift for sale also offer different outreach that will perfectly suit your profession, whether you are in pruning, maintaining electrical networks or in advertising installation.

Used truck mounted aerial platforms for sale

Each of the used truck mounted lifts we put on sale necessarily passes by our factory for a complete control, we assure them of their good state. All trucks include a telescopic arm. You have the choice in the working height – 16m to 20m – and in the lateral outreach – 8m to 11m. If you are interested in buying one of these used truck mounted lifts for sale do not hesitate to make a request.