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10.70m Bamboo aerial platform on Renault Master L2


icon working height Working Height : 10.70
icon offset Offset : 6.00
icon rotation Rotation : 360

10.70 Meters Bucket Truck Chassis (32’80”)

KLUBB Model = KL26
Capacity = 120kg, 1 operator, no outriggers

"Klubb says yes to ECO-RESPONSIBLE components"

The KL26 telescopic aerial platform mounted on a chassis with a dacking made with fibers of bamboo, balsa and other biobased composites. The main avantage is the production of a more eco-friendly carrier, with the use of renewable materials whom production absorbs CO² rather than emits it : absorption of 2 tons of CO², when the production of a ton of aluminum emits 21,8 tons of CO².

The use of the different components provides better mechanical resistance than aluminum to the decking et offers better payload, with a gain of 20kg.
Finally, the top layer made with bamboo is non-slip and offers a better resistance to bad weather conditions.

This telescopic boom lift mounted on a chassis can work up to 10.70m high with an offset of 6 m.

For work at height, the KL26 is a model of aerial platform very appreciated by its size. Highly appreciated for its mobility and compact size, this platform model allows you to work in an environmentally responsible way.

The K26 aerial platform is particularly recommended for advertising installers but also for maintenance applications of public lighting and overhead networks.




• Engine start and stop from basket
• Independent emergency electric pump with all the features in the
basket for maximum security
• Proportional controls
• Secure access to the working platform
• Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
• Aluminium boom for optimum stability



• *2 man basket (200kg) with outriggers
• Bamboo decking
• Signalling devices (triflash, 2 flashing lights, reflective strips)
• 220V electric socket in the basket
• Trailer hook
• Reinforced suspensions
• Fully opening insulated basket
• Aluminium chests
• Aluminium side panels
• Side ladder rack
• Toolholders in basket
• Green Pack: the platform can be operated with the van engine turned off

For more platform options, please contact us before ordering



• FORD TRANSIT (empt.3950)

For vehicle options, please contact us before ordering


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