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10.50m Telescopic aerial platform on cutaway Peugeot E-Expert

Electric K20L

icon working height Working Height : 10.50
icon offset Offset : 5.80
icon rotation Rotation : 420

10.50 Meters Van Mounted Boom Lift (39’37”)

KLUBB Model = K20L 100% electric
Capacity = 120kg, 1 man basket, no outriggers

XL battery pack equipped (75kwh), this 100% electric aerial work platform on an Peugeot e-Expert van will surprise you with its 330km WLTP (*) autonomy on the road, but also during intervention with its 32 work cycles in electric mode.

The very compact Klubb K20L design (5.5m in length) on a cutaway e-Expert can be used in the most confined areas indoors or outdoors: underground car parks, pedestrian streets etc. It is a real asset for companies installing and maintaining video surveillance, local authorities etc.

This small vehicle, without outriggers, excels by its working height of 10.50m and its offset of 5.80m.

If you want to work at height without emitting pollutants and without noise (to the great satisfaction of local residents) then this model is for you. Please contact us.


  • Engine start and stop from basket
  • Independant emergency electric pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security
  • Proportional controls on all movements
  • Secure acess to the working platform
  • Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
  • Aluminium boom for optimum stability


  • Signalling devices (triflash, 2 flashing lights, reflective strips)
  • 220V electric soket in the basket
  • Reinforced suspension
  • Fully opening insulating basket
  • Custom fitting out of vehicle
  • Side ladder rack

For more platforms options, please contact us before order!

Technical Specifications

Max. working height : 10.50 m (39’37”)
Max. working outreach : 5.80m (19’68”)
Boom rotation : 420°
Max. working load : 120Kg
Max. platform height : 8.50 m (27'11")
Outriggers : no outriggers
Basket size : 80 x 75 x 110 cm
Chassis weight : ≤3.5 T
Arm : Telescopic
Engine : Electric
IPAF category : 1b 

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