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11.40m Telescopic aerial platform on Renault Trafic


icon working height Working Height : 11.40
icon offset Offset : 6.80
icon rotation Rotation : 360

11 Meters Van Mounted Boom Lift (36′)

KLUBB Model = KL21B
Capacity = 120kg, 1 operator, no outriggers

Thanks to its small size, this aerial work platform on a van is particularly appreciated by local authorities, telecoms and public display companies.

The 11.40m KL21B Aerial Work Platform on a van is designed without outriggers and with a 1 person basket, which allows the user to act quickly in the place of intervention while respecting its safety and that of passers-by.

Available on a wide variety of van brands (Renault Trafic, Peugeot Expert …), this Aerial Work Platform mounted on a small van will allow you to reach a working height of 11.40m. The offset of this van mount is 6.80m.

This van lift can be equipped with many options to optimise its performance or the safety of the operator. 

Aerial Work Platform on a Van


Signalling devices
220V electric socket in the basket
Reinforced suspension
Fully opening insulated basket
Custom fitting out of vehicles
Side ladder rack
Green Pack : the platform can be operated with the engine turned off

Standard Specifications

Engine start and stop from basket
Independent emergency manual pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security
Proportional controls
Secure access to the working platform
Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
Aluminium boom for optimum stability




For vehicle options, please contact us before ordering

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icon eco friendly

"green pack"

The whole range of aerial work platforms can be equipped with the ecological option "Green Pack" allowing the platforms to operate with the van engine off.