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Xtenso3 platform on Unimog heavy truck: nothing can stop it!

Our client in Belgium is a familly business acting since 70 years in the infrastructure works market. Their long term experience enable them to provide customized turnkey solutions to their own clients in the most specific areas.

As our client wants to be able to manage all kind of projects, even the most specific ones, they decided to acquire an Xtenso3 platform on Unimog heavy truck. The Xtenso 3 by KLUBB is designed for outstanding lateral outreach of up to 13.90m with a constant capacity of up to 280 kg, including during use of the telescopic function of the articulated jib. This platform of 18.50m working height mounted on Unimog 4×4 is a fantastic solution to work on extreme environment.

The articulated telescopic jib is capable of overcoming all types of obstacle (tree branches, roofs, balconies, electric cables, etc.) and which get you as close as possible to your work zone. Operators can then work comfortably and in complete safety while keeping excellent flexibility of movement thanks to the articulated jib with its 180°pivoting range.

Infrastructure professionals often work with heavy loads in the basket due to the need to lift tools and materials to high work zones. The Xtenso truck aerial platform range by KLUBB is designed for outstanding lateral outreach of up to 20 m with a constant capacity of up to 280 kg, including during use of the telescopic function of the articulated jib.

The Xtenso3 platform also includes proportional controls for all movements. This function allows for multiple movements simultaneously, all the while controlling the speed of each movement independently. For example, it is possible to extend the telescopic arm quickly while turning the jib slowly in order to get closer to a facade. This feature saves a lot of time and provides an ease of use which is highly appreciated by the operators.

Following an audit carried out by the manufacturer, Klubb Group becomes the first specialist of lift mounted on trucks certified Unimog Partner in France. A globally recognized certificate, which is the result of a close and demanding collaboration between the two companies. Klubb Group also obtained the Van Partner certification in 2017 for all its transformations on vans from the Mercedes brands.

Xtenso3 18.50m lift mounted platform by KLUBB is designed to be mounted on a heavy truck from 14 T using the chassis or workshop model.

If you want a demonstration of our Xtenso3 platform contact us.

Below more pictures of the Xtenso 3 platform mounted on Unimog 4×4