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Safe Technology introduces the Klubb K26 vehicle mount platform in Russia

Safe Technology introduces the Klubb K26 vehicle mount platform in Russia

Only a few months after signing the partnership, the Russian company SAFE TECHNOLOGY delivered the first vehicle mount platform to its customer. Their client chose KLUBB’s access platform mounted on Ford Transit K26 for their works.

The K26 is the perfect vehicle for maintenance works like streetlighting and radars on the roads, CCTV… As you can see on the pictures, this great machine is suitable for many sorts of works at heights!

The K26 vehicle mount platform  is a great tool with a working height of 11.80m and an outreach of 6.80m.

The safety is the highest priority while working in heights. Therefore, the vehicle is fully compliant with the international standards. The boom is made of aluminium which is very important to avoid corrosion. The result is that the Klubb range of van mounts is very resistant to harsh weather conditions. These platforms also provide a class-leading stability, particularly on difficult terrain, for the best security of the users.

The clients also have the possibility to combine the use of the van as a mobile workshop and the use of the platform in order to work at height. Moreover, the van is a secured space that can be locked and ensure the security of the equipment inside.

SAFE TECHNOLOGY installed on the K26 van mounts their “Robo-outriggers” which are hidden under the vehicle and do not reduce ground clearance. Therefore, the driver is still able to work in streets with the smallest width.

However, the K26 van mounts can come without outrigger with a 1 person basket in order to work faster.

In summary, KLUBB and SAFE TECHNOLOGY, both want to ensure that the client gets the best possible service.

As a result, the client is impressed by the work of the companies. In particular, the Russian customer is speaking about the simplicity of the controls of the vehicle mount platform K26. Furthermore, the movement is very smooth and comfortable.

So, congratulations to SAFE TECHNOLOGY!

Obviously, this is just a start and the company is now working on assembling a AWP mounted on a Peugeot Expert and a K42P on a Ford Transit.

Indeed, the Klubb range is compatible with most van types and models: Renault, Peugeot, Opel, Iveco, Mercedes Volkswagen, Ford…

SAFE TECHNOLOGY will participate on the international exhibition forum Electrical Nets of Russia which takes place from the 2nd until the 6th December 2019.

They will unveil great new products for the coming year so stay tuned!