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Discover Klubb Group’s 100% electric van mounted platform K20 in action

The 100% electric, van mounted platform K20 performing at the airport

The field of application of KLUBB Group’s range of aerial work lifts, is widely spread! Typical domain of the van mounted platform K20 in particular are the maintenance service as well as in municipalities.

However, the compact construction of the vehicle makes it best fitted for the airport as well!

The possibility to build the platform on a cutaway van, reduces the total length to less than 5 m. Also, the vehicle can work at a maximum height of 10 m without using any outriggers. We want to assure that everything is in reach without moving the vehicle when the person in charge is once going up on the platform. Therefore, the van mounted platform K20 is equipped with a rotation spectrum of 420° and an outreach of 5 m.

The spacious interior of the Nissan e-NV200 is another great advantage!

Furthermore, as a common topic nowadays is the electric transportation and clean energy, KLUBB-Group strived for a 100% electric vehicle and aerial work access lift! Therewith, there are no emission! Especially in the huge halls of an airport, no interrupting noise or insanitary pollution is beneficial!

For example for pre- and postflight checks and even simplistic transportation works due the spacious interior, the aerial work platform K20 prove to be a reliable vehicle.

All in all, the electric van aerial platform K20 shows quite a good performance in many different domains!

So, keep your eyes open on your next trip on a plane… Maybe you will spot a cutaway van mounted platform K20 in action while waiting at the airport!


If you are interested in purchasing our products or we caught your attention with this great machine, contact us and we will provide you more information about our vehicle mounted work platforms!