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KL38P without cutaway

Aerial Work Platform

icon working height Working Height : 13.80
icon offset Offset : 8.20
icon rotation Rotation : 360

14 Meters Van Mounted Boom Lift (45’93”)

KLUBB Model = KL38P
Capacity = 200kg, 2 operators, with outriggers

Designed with a latest-generation swing arm, this trunk van lift model is a real asset for demanding customers with high storage capacity requirements. Its exceptional performance make it a perfect solution for all pruning work, electrics, signs installation or even cleaning of surfaces at height.

This van-mounted aerial platform is in great demand by companies for whom storage is imperative and who want to save money by storing all their equipment and their operators in one single vehicle. .

This model makes it possible to combine impressive performance with 13.80m working height and especially with an offset of 8.20m. Easy to park, the K38P aerial platform has a large loading capacity to store work tools, signal pads or spare lamps. It’s a great conversion for working efficiently.

Do you need to carry more bulky equipment for some interventions? This unit can be equipped with a towing hook allowing you to easily pull a trailer.

This very versatile model will be suitable for many applications: pruning, electrics, sign installation or even cleaning of surfaces at height …

KL38P Aerial Work Platform on a Van without Cutaway



Engine start and stop from the basket
Independent emergency electric pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security
Proportional controls
Secure access to the working platform
Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
Aluminium boom for optimum stability




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icon eco friendly

"green pack"

The whole range of aerial work platforms can be equipped with the ecological option "Green Pack" allowing the platforms to operate with the van engine off.