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Overview about KLUBB Group’s chassis mounted range!

Overview about KLUBB Group’s chassis mounted range!

Focus on our NEW range of aerial work platforms mounted on chassis!

Back in 2016, KLUBB Group started a new manufacturing activity with a turnover of €40M and over 150 employees. Therefore, we are proud that last year, in 2019, we were able to reach a turnover of aroud €100M. This is an increase of even more than 50% in less than 5 years! Moreover, today, more than 400 people are working at the Group.

We are active in over 22 countries with the help of our numerous distributors and partners.

The success of the last years is the result of our close collaboration with dealers and clients. To meet the expectation and demands of the aerial work access platform market, we are in an active exchange with all of them.

Accordingly, we designed a whole range of aerial work platforms mounted on chassis. Our design office created them based on the feedbacks of our customer.

Last year at BAUMA in Munich, KLUBB Group launched one of the new aerial work platforms mounted on chassis: the KT20.

The KT17, KT18 and KT20 are the perfect solution for rental companies as they often demanded for a light 3.5t chassis/truck with a working height between 16-22m. As their customers work in different departments, they need a multipurpose vehicle mounted platform which offer a high performance and great cost-efficiency.

While the KT20 with a working height of 20.60m already was exhibited a few times on last year’s trade fairs, we will continue with showing off the other platforms on the shows in 2020.

For example, you will be able to discover most of the work access platforms on chassis at APEX in Maastricht.

The specifications of this work access platform are very interesting for the renting companies and all the companies which work at heights using truck mounted pltaforms.

Firstly, the boom lift can reach heights up to 20.60m. Secondly, the outreach is up to 12.50m. It is the best achievable outreach on the market as the basket can carry 300kg. As a result, two people can easily fit in the basket while taking their needed material with them.
Thirdly, the rotation counts 420° and also the platform can move itself 90° to every side.
The work can start as soon as the arrival at place, as you can reach everything by using the great flexibility of the the extendable outriggers at the front an at the back of the vehicle enabling the operators to adapt the footprint on the roadway.

Another benefit of the range are the proportional controls for all function. Allowing multiple operations simultaneously, users are able to control the speed of each movement independently and separately. Herewith, the user safes valuable time and the vehicles are easy to operate with.

We developed all of them, so the whole range of aerial work platforms mounted on chassis, are to be as robust as possible, easy to use and to maintain in order to cope with all kind of renting possibilities.

Of course, you can equip the aerial work platform mounted on chassis with the KLUBB Green Pack technology. Then, the platform can move with the vehicle engine turned off. Furthermore, the feature saves fuel and protects the environment.

Moreover, don’t miss the opportunity to visit us as APEX Maastricht on the stand 1280!