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Get a part of KLUBB Group as distributor

Get a part of KLUBB Group as distributor

Become KLUBB Group’s dealer and we’ll grow together!


The year 2020 is still at its very beginning. While some already have thrown their New Year’s resolutions overboard, we keep on our idea of continuing our success of the past years!
Thanks to our clients, partners and distributor KLUBB Group grown from an income of 40M € and about 150 employees in 2016 to a turnover of 100M € and the number of employees has more than doubled in 2019. We are nowadays the n°1 vehicle-mounted platform manufacturer in Europe.

With the help of our dealers, we are present in about 22 countries and we are still looking for new partners to increase our global network of distributors.

There are many reasons to join our network! In general, the comprehensive dealer program offers valuable elements and opportunities.

There are many reasons to join our network! In general, the comprehensive dealer program offers valuable elements and opportunities.

We offer Professional trainings for our dealers’ employees. Therefore, we’ll invite you to our factory in Ferrières-en-Brie, which is only about 30min far from Paris by car. Moreover, the service and maintenance company “Nacelle Assistance et Service”, which is also a part of the KLUBB Group, is located here. With the expertise of its employees, trainees are able to understand our boom lift from the bottom to the top!

In Ferrières-en-Brie, they will have the opportunity to visit our facilities dedicated of the assembling of van mounted platforms. Since 2017, we also own a factory nearby in Croissy-Beaubourg, where we build and install platforms on chassis. Last but not least, our third factory, the one of EGI-KLUBB Group is situated in the Ardennes (Est of France). There, we built aerial platforms on trucks since 2018. As you can see, we are trying to evolve constantly!

Of course, our Export team and after sales service is always on the go to visit the facilities of our dealers. Not only if they need any support or assistance in order to set-up their own plant, but also to strenghten our bound. Moreover, it is a great possibility to discuss about upcoming developments.

Moving forward, we are keen on developing new products to stock up our range.

For example, we just launched our new series of aerial work platforms mounted on chassis. As a result, KLUBB Group as well as our distributors are able to find the best fitting aerial work solution! From street lightning to high level pruning, we can provide a fitting boom lift for every work at height.

We are working, as mentioned, in a close relation with our distributors. Therewith, we are able to adapt products for their requirements and the demands from their clients. Henceforth, the products fit with their markets needs.

To provide vehicle-mounts for all over the world, we are reliant on the experience of our dealers from all over the world. As every country has different demands and carries different challenges, we are glad to work with professionals with which we can grow globally.

If you are convinced that our companies are following the same goals and are matching, and furthermore your company can provide the high expected standards, we will be glad to hear from you! Don’t hesitate and contact our Team directly!
Let’s rise together!
We will be happy to welcome you to the KLUBB!