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Periodic General Verification (VGP) is mandatory and ensures the safety of operators who, in the course of their duties, are required to work at height. However, they must be carried out by qualified professionals.

What does the regulation say?

VGP must be carried out exclusively by qualified technicians, whether internal or external to the company. Their names must be accessible to Labor Inspection. They must be trained in the prevention of hazards inherent in the examined work equipment and be proficient in regulatory rules, in accordance with Article R4323-24 of the Labor Code. The decree of March 1, 2004 stipulates that it is the responsibility of the director of the inspection organization to verify the competence and qualification of the technicians responsible for carrying out the VGP.

Using an accredited organization

Document ED 6339 published by the National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) entitled "Regulatory Verifications of Machinery, Equipment, and Lifting Accessories" emphasizes the importance of using an accredited inspection organization. Indeed, this allows the employer to attest to the qualification and expertise of the chosen professional. Furthermore, it ensures the reliability of the inspections conducted.