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What are the practiced rates of PGV

What are the practiced rates of PGV

The Periodic General Verification (VGP) ensures the safety of your employees and extends the lifespan of your lifting platform. It also guarantees its compliance. However, the rates for a VGP vary and can depend on several factors.

Price variation

The cost of a VGP for a lifting platform may evolve according to different criteria: chosen provider, region where the equipment is located, specificities of the lifting platform (working height, outreach, type of platform), equipment complexity, time required to perform all required checks... In France, the price of a VGP commonly ranges between €200 and €400 and may include the inspection of the platform as well as associated hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Engage with different professionals

This price range is provided for indicative purposes only. Indeed, it is important to request quotes from different providers. You will thus be able to know the different rates practiced and what they include. When requesting a quote, make sure to clearly indicate the type of lifting platform involved and any relevant element that could influence the price. Furthermore, requesting multiple quotes allows you to choose the professional offering the best value for money.