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How to optimize the TCO of your fleet of aerial platforms on vehicles ?

How to optimize the TCO of your fleet of aerial platforms on vehicles ?

TCO has become a key indicator for Fleet Managers. This indicator is all the more important in the case of vehicles necessary for the operation of an activity such as aerial work platforms. In an era of cost reductions, which represents the primary objective of 75% of purchasing departments, how can you optimize the budget for your vehicle aerial work platforms? here are some lines of thought ...


What is TCO?

The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership in English) is made up of all the costs of owning and operating a fleet. Reducing TCO is one of the preferred strategies for purchasing departments (33% of companies) to create value.


What are the TCO optimization levers?

75% of the TCO is directly related to the vehicle: purchase cost, overall energy consumption, financial costs, depreciation, mandatory maintenance costs, etc.

20% relates to the use of the operator: fuel consumption, repair costs ...

The rest of the TCO includes the various internal management activities of the fleet.


1- The choice of the platform on the vehicle

Define the aerial work platforms on vehicles that are best suited to the needs of operators according to their uses and choose economical models that consume little energy. Be careful, economic model, does not mean low-end model, indeed a new more efficient model and consuming less fuel will prove more expensive to the acquisition but more profitable in the long term (the fuel consumption represents on average 15% of TCO).

2- A global contract

Once the products are made available to operators and their acquisition cost negotiated, it is also important to value additional costs such as maintenance and repairs. In the case of aerial work platforms, a loler (Periodic General Check) is compulsory every 6 months In France for example. It is therefore a key aspect to choose a service provider capable of including these services in the framework contract and of negotiating the overall costs for better visibility. Product delivery is also an aspect to consider in order to make life easier for users and allow them to quickly access the products ordered.

3- Communicate on the contract

In order to ensure that all of your company's sites or agencies choose from the list of negotiated products, it is important to communicate around the new framework contract. Here are a few examples of proven actions:

  • A demonstration plan in the most important establishments
  • An appeal campaign for site managers
  • A broader information operation: email, personalized catalog presenting the offer and associated services ...

These actions are to be carried out jointly with the service provider in order to promote the adoption and use of the selected solutions.

4- People at the heart of TCO

Another factor for optimizing TCO is the proper use of aerial work platforms on vehicles.

Indeed, well-trained employees will know how to get the most out of the machines and avoid unnecessary repairs.

In addition, it is also interesting to make them aware of eco-driving in order to improve fuel costs but also to reduce accident-causing situations.