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How do you deal with noise pollution when using an aerial platform to work at height?

How do you deal with noise pollution when using an aerial platform to work at height?

What is noise pollution?

Noise has emerged as a leading environmental nuisance in the World Health Organization (WHO) European Region, and the public complains about excessive noise more and more often. Irritating noise can come from all kinds of sources: air conditioning, loud music, traffic, nearby construction…

How to measure noise pollution?

50 or 55 dBA represent daytime levels below which a majority of the adult population will be protected from becoming moderately or seriously annoyed, respectively. The WHO defines noise above 65 decibels (dB) as noise pollution. To be precise, noise becomes harmful when it exceeds 75 decibels (dB) and is dangerous above 120 dB. Traffic noise accounts for most polluting noise in cities. For example, a car horn produces 90 dB and a bus produces 100 dB.

What are the causes of noise pollution when working at heights?

When working at heights, the use of an aerial platform on vehicle is one of the sources of noise. The maximum noise level measured during the use of the MEWP is 90dB.
Most of the noise in coming from the diesel engine of the vehicle. If necessary, do not hesitate to wear suitable ear defenders.

How do you prevent noise pollution when using an aerial platform?

– Good maintenance
First, a machine that is not properly maintained can generate more noise than usual. In order to avoid this, make sure your aerial platform is properly serviced as many times in the year as your local regulations require.
– Do not overload the basket
Overloading the MEWP is dangerous and can also cause an increase of noise when using the lift. The lifting capacity of the MEWP corresponds to the service load for which it was designed and includes the weight of the operators and tools needed for the specified activities. Always ensure that you respect the loading capacity of the lift you are using. To know more, check our article: What are safety precautions when using boom lifts?
– Choose the right lift
In order to reduce noise pollution and pollutant emissions, Klubb has designed a range of eco-responsible platforms on vehicles.

100% electric platform on vehicle

These platforms do not release pollutants into the atmosphere when working at height. They are also almost silent, which is a real plus for operators and residents.
The 100% electric models are perfect for working in the city, especially in pedestrian areas or on industrial sites.

Lifting platforms on natural gas vehicles

This type of lifting platform has many advantages:
– 4 dB quieter compared to the diesel version
– Load capacity equal to the diesel version
– Fuel savings of up to 35%
– No AdBlue®

Electric lifting platforms on vehicles: the hybrid option

If the two previous options are not suitable for your work at height, you can still equip yourself with an electrically operated aerial work platform on a diesel vehicle.
Of course, the vehicle remains noisy during trips, but you can work at height with the vehicle’s engine off. This makes it possible to limit noise pollution.
This option applies to all types of vehicle: Vans, light trucks or heavy trucks.