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Alternatives to decarbonize work at height

Alternatives to decarbonize work at height

The use of clean vehicles offers numerous benefits, making it an integral part of the CSR policy of many companies today. Whether they are fully electric, powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), or using dual-fuel petrol-LPG, these vehicles represent a real opportunity to decarbonize your professional activities.

100% electric aerial platforms

If your professional activities mainly take place in urban or confined environments, if your daily professional travels do not exceed 200 km, and if you often work indoors, then a 100% electric aerial platform might be suitable for you. Additionally, it allows access to areas where pollutant emissions and noise nuisances are limited by regulations, two major advantages for interventions that do not impact the quality of life of residents.

CNG-powered aerial platforms

The use of aerial platforms mounted on CNG-powered vehicles offers many advantages: equivalent autonomy to a thermal vehicle, fuel savings of 35% compared to the diesel version, reduced noise levels (up to 4 dB)... Moreover, this alternative reduces energy consumption without compromising the vehicle's autonomy. However, although CNG is becoming more common, not all gas stations offer it yet.

Hybrid aerial platforms

We also offer aerial platforms mounted on hybrid vehicles, powered by LPG and petrol. The operation is simple: when the LPG reserve is depleted, the engine is powered by petrol. This allows considerable savings at the pump, as LPG is much cheaper than traditional fuels. They are also less polluting.

The Green Pack

The previous solutions allow for savings, both in terms of purchase and use, but also and above all to limit the environmental impact of your professional activities. However, they may not be suitable for all your needs. In such a situation, you can opt for the Green Pack. This option allows the aerial platform to operate using a battery while the vehicle's engine is turned off. This way, you can operate completely decarbonized, especially in areas where greenhouse gas emissions and noise nuisances are limited by regulations.

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