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3 green solutions for working at height: 100% electric, hybrid and natural gas. How to choose?

3 green solutions for working at height: 100% electric, hybrid and natural gas. How to choose?

Platforms on a 100% electric vehicle

1- You work in an urban environment, in confined spaces and your area of intervention does not exceed 200km per day or you have the possibility of regularly connecting to a charging point. 

2- You are required to work indoors and outdoors with your lifting platform.

In these cases, 100% electric is perfect for you!
These carrier platforms do not release pollutants into the atmosphere when in motion or when working at height. They are also almost silent, which is a real plus for residents.
The 100% electric models are perfect for working in the city, especially in pedestrian areas or on industrial sites.

Platform on a natural gas vehicle

This type of lift has many advantages:
- Load capacity is equal to the diesel version
- Fuel savings of up to 35%
- 4dB quieter compared to the diesel version
- No AdBlue®
It is therefore an excellent way to reduce your energy consumption without compromising on autonomy.
The only constraint is to be near a station that supplies natural gas because this fuel is not yet distributed everywhere.

Electric platforms on a diesel vehicle: the hybrid option

If you do not find the other two options suitable, you can still equip yourself with an electrically operated aerial work platform on a diesel vehicle.
Of course, the vehicle remains polluting during trips, but you can work at height with the carrier's engine off. This way you reduce your fuel consumption as well as pollution during your interventions. In addition, this makes it possible to limit noise pollution for residents.
This option applies to all types of carriers: vans, light vehicles or heavy goods vehicles.

In conclusion, economical and environmentally friendly solutions exist for all types of work at height.
If you would like more information on the aerial work platforms available in the different categories, do not hesitate to consult our product sheets:
- KL21B on e-Expert: basket on 100% electric mini-van
- K32 on a Iveco GNP chassis : lift on a natural gas light vehicle chassis
- Green pack option: the hybrid solution