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What are the advantages of natural gas used as a fuel for your vehicle mount lift?

What are the advantages of natural gas used as a fuel for your vehicle mount lift?

What is natural gas?

Natural gas is a mixture of gases which are rich in hydrocarbons. Natural gas is not used in its pure form; it is processed and converted into cleaner fuel for consumption.
CNG is natural gas used as a fuel. There is a renewable version of CNG. This green gas has the same characteristics as CNG, but is obtained through the methanization of organic waste.

Where does it come from?

Natural gas is a resource directly extracted from the ground. It therefore comes from underground deposits – deposits that are not found everywhere on the planet! The United States, Russia, Canada, Iran, Qatar and Norway are the largest producers of natural gas in the world.

Is it renewable?

It can be considered partially renewable. Certain elements are replenishable, whereas others are not. Natural gas emits between 15% and 20% less heat-trapping gasses than gasoline when burned to power today’s typical vehicles.

What are the disadvantages?

CNG Gas stations have limited availability.
Even if CNG emits significantly less pollution directly than petrol or oil when combusted, it still emits Carbon Dioxide.

What are the advantages of CNG?

    It is a more health-friendly fuel: CNG has almost no fine particles (-95%) and NOx twice below the level of the Euro VI standard recommendations.
    It is a fuel that offers great autonomy: a full tank of CNG is about 500 km traveled.
    CNG is odorless and low-noise.
    CNG is cheaper than petrol and LPG. It saves money.
    No ADblue is required.

In conclusion, choosing a vehicle mount lift fueled with CNG can be a good compromise because it provides more autonomy than an electric platform mounts and emits less pollution than a diesel version. This is the reason why we have developed several models of lifts compatibles with CNV trucks for example the KL32 on Iveco CNV light chassis. These models can also be equipped with the Green Pack option, so you can use the lift to work at heights with the engine of the vehicle turned off.