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Our values

Our values

Klubb, designer and manufacturer of Klubb aerial platforms, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Klubb Group.

Klubb Group is a customer-focused family business with more than 20 years’ experience in the vehicule-mounted aerial platforms market. The KLUBB brand has already positioned itself at the forefront of technical engineering development.

We recognise that customers are demanding more innovation from vehicle-mounted aerial platforms (including van mount platforms,  lift mounted on chassis or pick-up or truck-mounted access platforms) and are eager to update their existing machines more frequently to take advantage of new features and capabilities.

Consequently, Klubb is committed to a process of continuously upgrading its product range, with improvements and enhancements based on customer feedback.

We also acknowledge that customers require the highest standards of customer care – both pre-sales and after-sales.

Therefore, every dealer in our network has to demonstrate a high level of excellence. They have to provide a comprehensive service facility as well as a sales function. This ensures that KLUBB customers are guaranteed the same superb level of service across Europe, and eventually across the world.

KLUBB cares about the environment.

Our factory meets or exceeds all current environmental legislation. To save polluting emissions, and reduce noise, our entire range of platforms can be operated with the vehicle engine turned off by using the Green Pack option.

We are passionate about local communities too. We try to employ local people to cut down on pollution generated by commuting, and to provide jobs within neighbouring districts.

KLUBB has enrolled on the PM’up programme, which enables us to invest in green initiatives and to employ young people who have suffered from troubled backgrounds.