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Read our interview with Access International Magazine

Read our interview with Access International Magazine

Q: What is the latest innovation that Isoli has introduced in the B license segment for up to 3.5-ton vehicles?

A: In presenting our wide range of mountings on chassis up to 3.5 tons, which includes both telescopic and articulated solutions available in full electric and hybrid modes, we cannot fail to mention an equipment of which we are particularly proud, the PT160E. This aerial work lift platform, capable of reaching a maximum working height of 16 meters, is extremely versatile and suitable for a multitude of different uses. With an outreach of 8.9 meters and a load capacity of up to 300kg, it offers high performance and dynamism. The next in line is the PT180E, a flagship within the 18-meter range that excels in reaching new heights. With a maximum outreach of 12.5 meters and a reliable load capacity of 300kg, it provides unmatched performance while maintaining safety and precision. But we don’t stop there. Following closely is the PT200E, our flagship model with an incredible working height of 20 meters and a wide outreach of 10.8 meters. With its maximum basket capacity of 300kg, it offers ample space for at least two qualified workers and the necessary tools, enabling exceptional efficiency and easier operations. With our PT and PNT range, we have revolutionized the industry by combining cutting-edge technology with environmentally friendly solutions. By adopting electric-powered solutions, we not only aim to improve productivity but also boldly strive for a more sustainable future.

Q: What are the most relevant features of this range?

A: Our range of aerial platforms up to 3.5 tons is characterized by compactness and lightweight design. This represents a huge advantage in terms of operating in tight spaces compared to competitor solutions. But the feature that distinguishes our range above all is the use of the front basket attachment. This element truly makes a difference when it comes to working at height on roofs or buildings. In particular, the front attachment simplifies the workflow and reduces the time required to complete operations, while maintaining high performance in terms of load capacity and achievable heights.

Q: How do these features meet customer expectations?

A: In a market where the demand for efficient and safe solutions for working at height is high, our products equipped with front baskets have become the ideal choice for roofing professionals, guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of safety and reliability. By choosing products from our range, professionals gain a competitive advantage as they can tackle even complex projects with greater speed and agility, increasing productivity while complying with the strictest safety regulations.

Q: What is the main challenge in constantly seeking solutions that improve the work of professionals? How does Isoli approach this purpose?

A: At Isoli, we are deeply aware of the importance of offering solutions that improve work while respecting the environment. To achieve our sustainability goals, we have implemented rigorous measures in all aspects of production. Our manufacturing plants strictly adhere to eco-friendly practices, meticulously minimizing waste, optimizing energy consumption, and reducing carbon emissions. We constantly invest in advanced technologies and production methods that prioritize energy efficiency and the conservation of precious resources. Equally important is the sustainable sourcing and production of our components. We maintain close collaborations with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. Our selection criteria prioritize those who adhere to ethical and environmentally friendly practices in their production processes. This includes sourcing raw materials from sustainable and renewable sources, minimizing the use of hazardous substances, and actively promoting recycling and waste management initiatives. In our pursuit of sustainability, we take the utmost care in selecting materials

Q: What are your developments regarding the offer of hybrid/electric vehicles?

A: As we embark on an exciting journey of expansion, our product range is evolving to meet the diverse needs of our customers and the market. Within our telescopic and articulated platform ranges, we now offer a wide selection ranging from 16 to 20 meters, catering to a broad demand in terms of height. These vehicles boast impressive load capacity (up to 300 kg) and an impressive outreach of up to 12.8 meters (subject to each vehicle). A significant milestone in our expansion is the introduction of fully electric options. Embracing these sustainable solutions allows our customers not only to reduce pollution but also to pave the way for a cleaner, greener future for their businesses. Our commitment to environmental protection drives us to provide innovative electric and hybrid alternatives, meeting the evolving needs of the industry while prioritizing the conservation of the planet for future generations. As we continue on this journey of growth and sustainability, our mission remains steadfast: to deliver exceptional products that surpass industry standards. Through our expanding range, we aspire to drive positive change, inspire innovation, and create a future where environmental consciousness and the diverse needs of the market coexist harmoniously. As a market leader, we consider this an absolute priority and will continue to expand our remarkable electric and hybrid range.

Q: How is the market for compact platforms evolving towards hybrid and electric solutions?

A: In recent years, there has been a notable increase in interest in adopting hybrid and electric solutions for a wide range of vehicles, including aerial platforms. This growing enthusiasm stems from the significant advantages associated with transitioning to electric or hybrid systems within this sector. In particular, these advancements result in reduced emissions, with a positive environmental impact. Additionally, they help reduce operational costs by decreasing fuel consumption and maintenance needs, thus promoting economic savings. Furthermore, these innovative systems enhance overall efficiency, enabling smoother and more efficient operation. For example, the PNT200HE is an extraordinary aerial platform. Designed for exceptional performance and versatility, this innovative product combines a robust structure with advanced functionality, making it the ideal choice for various high-level work applications. With a working height of up to 20 meters and a maximum outreach of 12.8 meters, the PNT200HE ensures ample vertical and horizontal reach, allowing workers to easily access challenging areas. The PNT200HE features a hybrid power system, seamlessly integrating an electric motor with a diesel engine. This hybrid configuration offers significant advantages, including reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, and quieter operation. The intelligent hybrid system optimizes energy distribution, enabling operators to efficiently utilize resources while minimizing environmental impact. Equipped with intuitive controls and advanced safety features, the PNT200HE prioritizes operator comfort and well-being. Consequently, the demand for hybrid/electric vehicles is higher than ever, particularly in the context of expanding urban areas. Embracing these compact hybrid/electric solutions has become increasingly imperative to meet the unique needs of modern urban environments, promoting sustainability and responsible resource utilization.

Q: Do you envision any other emerging design or market trends for this type of equipment on the horizon?

A: There are several design and market trends influencing the development and demand for new equipment, starting with advanced safety features. Safety is an absolute priority in the industry, leading to the incorporation of advanced safety characteristics in platform design. These features may include stability control systems, load sensors, anti-trapping mechanisms, and intuitive user interfaces to ensure operator safety and minimize risks during operations. There is also a growing emphasis on compactness and weight reduction. These factors offer improved maneuverability, ease of transportation, and reduced fuel consumption, making them ideal for urban environments and construction sites with space constraints. Additionally, they enable a larger number of people to use the equipment as they do not require as much driving experience.

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