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Press release: Klubb’s new light van mounts range

Press release: Klubb’s new light van mounts range

Ferrières-en-Brie, July 16th 2020 –Klubb launches a “Light” range of van mounts with 140kg of additional payload.
This weight gain has been achieved in particular thanks to a new design of the arms of the range made from High Elastic Limit Steel (HLE). These so-called “high performance steels” make it possible to lighten the structure and to increase the resistance as well as the service life of the equipment.

The new KL32 on a Renault Master will be presented in September at the JDL Expo. This model, emblematic of the KL range, has been designed so that its users can benefit from an optimal payload on a 3.5t vehicle while maintaining the best technical performance on the market.

“Our objective is to provide our customers with the best solutions to their current challenges: robust machines, with optimal payload and the best TCO on the market, which includes the best local service everywhere a Klubb machine is sold. We are building an extensive network of KLUBB dealers who all offer outstanding levels of service.” Stresses Julien Bourrellis, president of Klubb.

Moving forward, the company will continue to grow globally and expand its dealer program while developing new products to bolster its range of aerial platforms. It’s all designed to ensure the mutual growth and success of KLUBB and its partners.