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Klubb’s range of electric vehicle-mounted lifts

Klubb’s range of electric vehicle-mounted lifts

5 reasons to choose a 100% electric aerial lift

Some years ago, there was no discussion about the source of power of a machine. Your aerial mount platform was mounted on a diesel, something else was exotic. However, as we all know, green energies are nowadays more than a trend. What technic enthusiasts fancy about the electric car: 80 to 90 percent of the energy, which is used, is converted into motion. In diesel and gasoline engines, around two thirds of the fuel get lost as heat and exhaust gases. Especially downtown, fully electrical vehicles are becoming more and more sought after. Electric drive also found its way into the aerial work access platforms branch. Therefore, we want to tell you more about the 5 best reasons to choose a 100% electric aerial lift for your fleet!

1. Electric aerial lift: Easier in service

An electric motor is relatively simple, a compact power plant. In contrast, internal combustion engines are complex chemical factories. The electric car contains fewer components overall, which makes service easier. What does not age and does not wear out makes repairs superfluous from the start.

For example, an electric car does not need a complicated transmission, no exhaust system. You can install the battery more easily and flexibly.

2. The costs of electric vehicles

The average price for electric vehicles is currently falling. For example, the research house Cox Automotive analyzed Data from last year and the current one and they showed a 13.4% decline over the previous year1. And as we follow the principles of a free-market economy, the price will keep falling.

Also, when the acquisition of an electric vehicle is generally higher, seen as a long-term investment, it is cheaper. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are lower: There are no costs for fuel as well as the maintenance services are less expensive.

3. No noise and no emissions

Particularly, when you need an aerial access platform for interventions in factories, an electric aerial platform is an advantage. You do not disturb other employees while working as you don’t make any noise. Moreover, there are no emission and therewith no endangerment for others in the factory.

Also, if you are doing for example pruning work or installations of lighting in communities, you benefit from that!

4. Practically and will be even more so in the future

You already have many charging stations, but also you can easily charge your electric aerial platform in your company or at home after a day of interventions. You are not dependent on finding the next cheap fuel station. Moreover, especially when you are situated in big cities, there are even some parts which are declared as environmental zones or special parking spaces only allowed for us if you are driving an electric vehicle. In Denmark for example, there are also highway lanes which are exclusively for e-vehicles. And there will be many more advantages like this in the future as especially in capitals, the government wants to keep the center clean.

Regarding, you could be more efficient with using a 100% electric aerial lift as you have more time for the intervention. Exactly that time you are normally standing in traffic jams…

5. But before all: Environmentally friendly

The main reason to pass over to green energies and electric aerial platforms, is the aspect that they are environmentally friendly. The European Green Deals meant to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent: “Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, Europe needs a new growth strategy that transforms the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy” ²

Investing in sustainable technologies as for example electric vehicles are one way every one of us can do his part to support this plan!

So, next time you are ordering a boom lift, think about a 100% electric one!

KLUBB pays attention to the client needs, but we also recognize the importance of investing in green technology.

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