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KLUBB Group's range of van mounted aerial access platforms

KLUBB Group's range of van mounted aerial access platforms

Discover the advantages of our van mounted aerial access platforms!

KLUBB Group as aerial platform manufacturer is keen on designing boom lifts for every need of our clients and partners. Therefore, we constantly grow also our range of van mounted aerial access platforms! Discover how van mounts can be very useful to help you with your daily work at height.

Firstly, an aerial platform built on a van combines two ways of using it. On the one hand it functions as a mobile workshop, on the other hand as a platform to work at height.

The spacious interior creates room to store everything that is needed for the job inside the vehicle. Being able to carry everything needed allows the user of the van mounted aerial access platforms to be prepared for anything.

Moreover, Mobitec which is also part of the Group provides custom fitting furniture for all demands and on all vans!

This qualifies a van mounted platform for many fields of application, like for caretakers, maintenance work or installing camera’s and streetlighting. This is a great solution for councils as an aerial work access platform as it can be very flexible! On the one hand, the lift is perfect for example for putting up Christmas decoration in this time of the year. On the other hand, the van is a perfect vehicle to run errands.

Secondly, the KLUBB Group also provides cutaway vans which display a benefit in big cities.

Especially in metropolises, where the population is constantly increasing. Paris for example has the largest population with 12,8 Mio inhabitants including their commuting zone due to eurostats statistic from 2017, following by London (12,1 Mio), Madrid (6,6 Mio) and Berlin (5,1 Mio). The trend indicates that this number will increase in coming next years. The same applies for cars in bigger towns. As a result, finding a parking space, in particular during rush hour, is a real challenge. A cutaway van like the fully electric K20 or the K26 provides the same overall length as a van without a platform. (Source:, 10/12/2019)

Thirdly, the general specifications shouldn’t be unmentioned.

Our van mounts range from 9 to 15m and until up to a working height of 13m, our van mounted aerial access platforms are designed to be used without outriggers!

Due to this, we are able to support your business with a great variety of boom lifts. You can choose between our environmentally friendly solutions with our 100% electric van mounts like the K20 on Nissan eNV200 or the K26 on Master ZE but also use an hybrid version thanks to our green pack option. So, you can work at height while the engine of the vehicule is turned off

We are very proud that we can supply a fit vehicle to all requirements.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will choose the best van mounted platform for your needs!