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KLUBB GROUP, France's leading multi-specialist bodybuilder, engineer and manufacturer of aerial work platforms, recovery vehicles and refueling trucks for both the civil and defense sectors, is pleased to announce its strategic acquisition of HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen GmbH, its dedicated German distributor since 2022. This move further solidifies KLUBB Group's prominent position in the European market.

In line with its ongoing expansion strategy, KLUBB Group reinforces its presence with the addition of HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen GmbH, aligning with previous acquisitions such as CPL Ltd in the UK and ISOLI SpA in Italy. HEMATEC, already well-established in Germany and Austria enhances KLUBB Group's footprint in these regions. This strategic development is a key element of KLUBB Group's long-term vision, enabling entrance into the dynamic German market, particularly thriving due to the ongoing energy transition.

Julien BOURRELLIS, CEO of KLUBB Group, expresses, "The acquisition of HEMATEC presents a significant opportunity for KLUBB Group. The company has a strong foothold in Germany and Austria, boasting a strong reputation developed since its inception in 1999. Our collaboration with HEMATEC since 2022 has been consistently effective, making this acquisition even more gratifying."

KLUBB Group is committed to preserving HEMATEC's autonomy, allowing it to operate under its own name while retaining its identity, expertise, and core businesses. All existing jobs will be maintained, and the management teams will remain unchanged to ensure the seamless continuity of operations.

Andreas HÄNEL, CEO and Founder of HEMATEC, explains, "HEMATEC has experienced consistent growth since its establishment in 1999, achieving a record-breaking year in 2023. However, after dedicating 24 years to developing the company to its current status, it became imperative for me to ensure its future. KLUBB Group is known for its dynamism, strong focus on growth, and customer orientation. I am confident that HEMATEC will continue to thrive as a part of this group, and I will continue to remain on board as managing director and personally contribute to its success. All this is of utmost significance for the well-being of HEMATEC’s employees."

This strategic acquisition marks a decisive step for KLUBB Group, reinforcing its position as a European leader and demonstrating unwavering commitment to sustainable growth.