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Focus on our Truck Mounts Range from 10m to 35m

Focus on our Truck Mounts Range from 10m to 35m

Klubb Truck Mounts: a growing range for the rental market

For several years we have been working on the diversification of our products. As a reminder, we notably offer for short-term rental companies a telescopic range from 10 to 20m on a light truck basis. Three new truck mounts have been developed on a 3.5t cab chassis since 2019: • The KT17 is a telescopic platform with a working height of 16.80 m with an offset of 11.50 m • The KT18 reaches a working height of 17.60 m and an offset of 11.50 m • The KT20 has a working height of 20.60 m and an offset of 12.50 m Their high structure is made of aluminum, which ensures an excellent payload. In addition, chains and extension cylinders are protected inside the arm. These truck mounts are designed to have the best offset on the market with 300 kg in the basket. Extendable stabilizers at the front of the vehicle allow the operator to adjust the footprint on the road. We have had very positive feedback from our rental customers on this range. These machines are also very successful in Northern Europe in countries which appreciate technically innovative and easy-to-use machines such as Norway, the Netherlands, etc.

A green range

To meet the demands of our customers and more particularly of town halls and local authorities who want to invest in green solutions, we now offer telescopic boom lifts on trucks powered by natural gas. In fact, these carriers benefit from many advantages: quieter, they have a range equivalent to diesel, allow fuel savings of around 35% and do not require AdBlue.

Our 20m telescopic KT20 model is mounted on an Iveco 5t gas chasis and our K32 platform on a 3.5t gas truck is a very popular model with town halls. With a working height of 12.50m and an offset of 7.30m, it is perfectly suited for the maintenance of green spaces in local communities or for multiple maintenance work in town.
K32 on Iveco Gas Chassis Working height of 12.50m and Offset of 7.30m

To go further in this environmental approach, we have also developed a K20 platform on a 100% electric chassis: the Goupil G4.
Ecological and very compact, these platforms allow operation without noise and without polluting emissions. These models are dedicated to work at height in urban areas: maintenance of public lighting, installation of video surveillance systems, maintenance of green spaces, etc. They are perfect for all companies and all public services committed to an eco-responsible approach but who do not wish to compromise on technical performance.

Indeed, the K20 lift on a Goupil G4 allows a working height of 10.10m and an offset of 4.10m to be reached. This model is distinguished in particular by its ability to work in very small spaces thanks to a vehicle width of 1.5m. Its autonomy on the road is 70km.

The range of lifts on heavy trucks

We sell products based on heavy trucks 4×2 or 4×4 with boxes or on workshop cell base from 15 to 35m working height.

This year indeed we have added a new machine to our range with a working height of 35 m and an offset of 25.60 m. The 350 TBE is a particularly versatile machine, it is suitable for many applications: pruning, maintenance of historic buildings (churches), utilities, maintenance of wind turbines …

Its arm made up of 4 sections including 3 telescopes and which ends in a pendulum arm with Jib, allows you to avoid all types of obstacles and to position yourself as close as possible to the work area without having to move the vehicle. Its very short overhang was designed to meet the demands of RTE-type companies who wanted a machine that was easy to maneuver and capable of intervening in difficult grounds, particularly with a 4×4 chassis.

Its basket can accommodate up to 500kg, which makes it possible to work in a team and to bring the necessary equipment for interventions. It is also possible to carry out overhanging work (11.30m) in order to work under bridges for example. This machine is the result of combining the know-how of EGI and Comilev.

We work in close collaboration with our customers as well as the truck manufacturers in order to improve the range and adapt it in an ever more precise way to the business requirements of our customers. This range can for example be equipped with the green pack option which allows the platform to operate with the vehicle off. This system therefore makes it possible to reduce noise pollution during operations, save fuel and work at height without polluting emissions.