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Appointment of Bernhard KHAN as Sales Director of HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen

Appointment of Bernhard KHAN as Sales Director of HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen

In the photograph, from left to right: Michele HILLEBRAND, Bernhard KAHN (New Sales Director),
Andreas HÄNEL (CEO and Founder of HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen),
Julien BOURRELLIS (CEO of the KLUBB Group).

KLUBB Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Bernhard Kahn as the new Sales Director of its subsidiary HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen, overseeing the German and Austrian markets.

Bernhard Kahn will take charge of sales and business development in these crucial markets from 1st July 2024.

With 30 years of experience in service, sales, and management in the aerial platform industry, he brings a wealth of expertise. Throughout his career, he has significantly contributed to the growth and success of leading companies, establishing himself as an authority on innovative sales strategies and customer retention.

Julien Bourrellis, CEO of the KLUBB Group, commented, "We are delighted to welcome Bernhard Kahn to our team. With his extensive experience and deep market insight, he will play a pivotal role in expanding our presence in Germany and Austria, solidifying our position as a premier provider of aerial platforms."

HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen, known for its high-quality aerial platforms, sees Bernhard Kahn's appointment as pivotal for enhancing its market presence in Germany and Austria. Andreas Hänel, Managing Director of HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen, said, "Bernhard Kahn is perfectly suited for this crucial role. We are confident that his expertise and commitment will help us achieve our growth objectives."

Bernhard Kahn expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, saying, "I am eagerly looking forward to collaborating with HEMATEC Arbeitsbühnen and KLUBB Group. Together, we will strive to deliver exceptional products and services to our customers while further strengthening our market leadership."