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Why choose the Green pack option ?

Why choose the Green pack option ?

The climatic situation is pushing us to develop innovative solutions that are even more respectful of our environment. It is in this dynamic that the Green Pack was developed. Focus on this essential green solution!

Designed by our engineers, the Green Pack is a solution that allows our Klubb platforms to operate with the van's engine switched off. This technology meets three objectives:

👉 Completely eliminate all CO2 emissions during working at height

👉 Save money: leaving the engine on means fuel consumption!

👉 Reduce noise pollution and improve the comfort of operators, but also of other road users.

This solution is ideal for our customers who, like us, are involved in an eco-responsible way.

Bonus: combustion, electric, NGV or bi-fuel, whatever the source of energy used by your vehicle, it can be equipped with the Green Pack option! 🤩

To find out more about this option, contact us!