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What is an aerial work platform ?

What is an aerial work platform ?

An aerial work platform, also known as AWP, cherry picker, ewp, mewp, hoist or aerial device, depending on the country, is a mechanical industrial machine that allows one or more workers to access high, often inaccessible areas.

There are several models of aerial work platforms on the market to meet the specific needs of your site.

The aerial work platform is used for temporary work at height, when the use of a ladder is no longer sufficient and becomes dangerous. Its stability, which allows you to work safely, is imperative for construction, renovation, logistics and storage, lighting, maintenance and servicing.

There are different types of aerial work platforms, classified into two main families: vertical platforms (without the possibility of offset) and multidirectional platforms:

Vertical platforms

  • The vertical mast aerial work platform
  • Scissor lifts
  • Suspended aerial work platform

Multidirectional platforms

  • Articulated basket
  • Telescopic basket
  • Spider boom lift
  • The aerial work platform on a carrie

Each of these types of boom lifts has its own specificities, so it is important to analyse your environment carefully to choose the boom lift that suits you. Some aerial work platform models, such as truck-mounted work platforms, offer additional equipment like storage racks, road safety equipment, green technologies etc...

Aerial platforms can even provide access to working areas with lower lifting levels, such as subways or to high areas directly in the warehouse.

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