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What are the 5 types of aerial work platforms ?

What are the 5 types of aerial work platforms ?

When you are working in high and difficult to access areas, a ladder or scaffolding is not safe enough and often not sufficient. The safest way to work at huge heights today is to use aerial work platforms, which allow you to reach your work space in total safety. Through this article, you will discover the different models of aerial work platforms and their different abilities that will allow you to best meet your needs.

Vehicle mounted aerial platforms (cherry picker)

With heights from 10 to 84 metres, the aerial work platforms are available as light or heavy vehicles. The platform is directly integrated into the vehicle and can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Electrical maintenance, lighting maintenance, repairs, painting or pruning, but also for work under a bridge or in a workshop, all these uses are possible with a cherry picker. This aerial platform is therefore mobile, as it is intended to be driven. The platform can then be moved to the area where the work is to be carried out.

Particularly used in the construction, the industry and the outdoor maintenance fields, the aerial work platform can be articulated or telescopic and with the carrier is perfectly designed to move to your work area and reach the desired height in complete safety.

Self propelled articulated aerial platform

There are two types of articulated boom lift: diesel and electric. These platforms can reach a height of between 10 and 48 metres.

This multidirectional aerial work platform can be used to elevate equipment as well as one or more people on work sites. Its articulated arm allows you to pass over difficult obstacles and reach hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to these connections, the arm can be folded into several parts.

Self propelled telescopic aerial platform

Polyvalent, the telescopic boom lift can reach great heights ranging from 10m to 58m depending on the model. Thanks to its straight and direct offset, work at height is made easier. You can also find models with a fly JIB, which allows you to increase the length and the rotation of the basket. Of all platforms, the telescopic one have the largest offset.

Spider lift

The crawler boom lift is another type of boom lift. You can hire a tracked boom lift with or without an operator with heights ranging from 12m to 40m. Extremely narrow and light, these machines are mounted on four legs, called outriggers, to provide maximum lift in small areas for indoor and outdoor work and to allow safe working on unstable ground. The machine's articulation allows it to manoeuvre around obstacles such as trees and power lines.

Scissor lift

Instead of having an arm, scissor lifts have a wide platform supported by scissor-shaped braces. The machine moves in a straight line from top to bottom, so it has to be placed directly under the area you are working on. This makes it more limited in its uses. However, the large platform allows several people to be lifted at the same time. Typical uses of the scissor lift are for: exterior building repairs, siding installation, window installation and window cleaning. You can hire your scissor lift in electric or diesel versions and heights range from 8m to 33m.