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Is there a checklist before using an aerial lift platform ?

Is there a checklist before using an aerial lift platform ?

Use aerial work platforms are one of the safest ways to perform in work at height. To ensure this use is always carried out under excellent conditions, it is essential to check your equipment through maintenance ranging from pre-use checks to regular in-depth examinations required by law, to major inspections. To detect possible problems upstream, we can only advise you to use a checklist before using your aerial lift platform ! We recommend the one that IPAF, the international federation for equipment dedicated to work at height, makes available to you.
This checklist will allow you to organize your verification session and not to forget anything. Checks can be organized into two broad categories :

  1. Visual checks

    This examination must be carried out with the greatest attention because its purpose is to detect any deterioration onto the main elements composing the aerial work platform.

    Wheels/tyres : If the surface of the tire is level with the wear indicator, or the indicator is no longer visible, it is a sign that your tires are smooth and therefore worn.
    Engine/power source : all fluids are essential for the proper functioning of a lifting platform. Carefully check the levels and verify that there are no external leaks.
    Hydraulics : the inspection of fluids is on this part also essential for the proper functioning of the vehicle.
    Hoses and cables : checking the condition of the cables is essential no cuts and wear by friction must be detected.
    Outriggers, stabilisers (if the machine has any) : check the condition and proper functioning of the equipment.
    Chassis, boom and scissor pack : inspect the general condition of the chassis. Corrosion and cracks in the welds are important check points.
    Platform or cage : check in particular that the safety devices are present in good condition and clean (Harness anchor points ; Steps for access ; guard rails)
    Decals and signage : check that the device sticking is present and visible.

    We stick a QR code directly on our aerial platforms it provide videos how will describes all procedure you need to know to work in safe conditions (all the emergency operation, the control panel use…). Those processes will be usefull in the part functional checks.
    Be very careful and do not hesitate to report any fault or failure to to a specialist.

  2. Functional checks

    This part aims to test the use of ground controls as well as platform controls.

    The tests make sure the correct function of the device, if the movements are carried out normally, smoothly and at the speeds defined by Klubb, depending on the position of the platform. This test consists of verifying the translation system, the controls, the safety devices (load limiter, tilt warning device, emergency stop), the brakes, the steering, the lighting indications of warning…

    This checklist before using an aerial lift platform is to be used in accordance with the prerogatives of the manufacturer which can be found in the user manual delivered with the vehicle. Take care to keep it well and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem with your platform. We also recommend you to read our article on the 10 safety precautions to know before using a boom lift. You will then know all about the precautions to take before starting your work at height.