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Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays a major role in protecting operators from the occupational hazards they are exposed to. Their use must be accompanied by other protection and safety measures taken by employers to ensure work at heights under the best conditions.

Different yet complementary uses

PPE comes in various forms: safety shoes, fall harnesses, protective helmets, etc. It is therefore necessary to identify the occupational hazards to which operators are exposed, which vary depending on the work environment. In the context of work at heights, the use of PPE is crucial and notably helps prevent falls from height, object falling, nacelle overturning, ejections from the basket, or electrocutions.

Essential tools for risk prevention

Employers are required to assess the risks associated with the use of aerial work platforms that their employees face. This enables informed decisions to be made on preventive measures to be implemented to ensure the safety of operators. Indeed, collective protection remains a priority and significantly reduces the risks associated with work at heights. Many stakeholders such as the National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers recommend the systematic use of PPE, even when identified risks seem low.

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