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Can a truck-mounted aerial platform be used in high winds or inclement weather?

Can a truck-mounted aerial platform be used in high winds or inclement weather?

As you may know the use of truck mounted aerial work platforms is ruled by several safety regulations whose purpose is to prevent the operator from suffering minor or fatal injuries. Among them are falls from the basket, electrocution or the tipping of the platform.

Using a truck-mounted aerial platform also means being vigilant about the weather. Not the working area only. Which raises a question, can this kind of lift be used in inclement weather ? 

Before answering this question, let’s get a bit focused on what inclement weather is. 

What is considered inclement weather ? 

Here a simple but relevant list of several weather you should pay attention before working at height using truck aerial lift : 

  • Hurricane
  • Tropical and winter storms
  • Excessive heat
  • High wind (more than 28 Mph)
  • Wind chill
  • Tornado
  • Severe thunderstorm
  • Flashflood

What health and safety administrations said about using truck-mounted platforms in high winds or inclement weather ?

Health and Safety Executive : high winds can tilt platforms and make them unstable. Set a maximum safe wind speed for operation. Storms and snow falls can also damage platforms. Inspect the platform before use after severe weather.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration : OSHA does not have a specific standard that covers working in inclement weather, employers have a responsibility to provide workers with employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards.