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Wherever possible, aerial work platforms are mounted on carriers without outriggers. This equipment increases the weight of the vehicle and, despite popular belief, does not increase the working height. In addition, although the outriggers can be installed quickly, using a vehicle without outriggers saves about 5 minutes per operation, compared to a vehicle with outriggers. Particularly suitable for repetitive tasks, such as installing Christmas lights or maintaining street lighting, these platforms allow operators to save time, increase productivity and improve comfort.

So why use outriggers?

Although there is a whole range of machines that can be used without outriggers, the installation of this device is compulsory for all platforms equipped with a 2-person basket. However, aerial work platforms equipped with a 1-person basket can be fitted with two or four outriggers, at the customer's request, in order to meet specific requirements.

Which types of outriggers for which types of vehicles?

There are several types of them. The most common are A, H and HE outriggers.

  • A-outriggers have the particularity of being very inclined and are positioned mainly at the front of the vehicle. They allow a wide stabilisation path to be sought.
  • H-shaped outriggers remain within the vehicle's frame. They are mainly installed on heavy chassis vehicles.
  • HE outriggers are extendable and can be extended to more than 3 metres on the sides of the vehicle. They are mainly used for so-called high performance machines (e.g. fire-fighting machines, telescopic platforms).

The choice of the type of outriggers depends on the environment in which the machine will be used (urban, rural, off-road) and the desired final performance of the machine.

A cherry picker with H-shaped outriggers is more suitable for use in urban areas, while a cherry picker with A-shaped outriggers is more suitable for use outside built-up areas.

The use of outriggers on all boom lifts is not essential. KLUBB aerial work platforms promise working heights of up to 15 metres without outriggers and a maximum outreach of more than 8 metres for <3.5 T vehicles.

Our XTENSO range of aerial work platforms, which can operate a work at heights of up to 21 metres, provides an outreach of up to 9 metres without the use of outriggers, thanks to a device that reinforces the suspensions.

Today, our R&D department is working on the development and design of new innovative outriggers for all our new models:

"We have been working for a few months on the patenting of a completely new outrigger model and an innovative deployment mechanism that will be more optimal and efficient. This new model will notably increase the outreach of the aerial platform and improve the performance of our machines." Michael Bouchard, KLUBB aerial platform integration manager.