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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for the safety of operators, as it provides protection against numerous risks. Therefore, it is important for employers to choose these equipments wisely, notably to optimize their effectiveness.

"CE" Marking

In European Union countries, PPE bears the CE marking, which attests to compliance with strict safety and health standards set by the European Commission. The marking must be visible and accompanied by clear instructions in the official language of the country of distribution.

Non-compliant Equipment

In the United Kingdom, an increased use of PPE that does not comply with regulatory requirements has been observed. This may involve counterfeits or PPE purchased outside the European Union where the prevailing legislation is different, potentially limiting the effectiveness of the equipment. These practices, which offer cost savings at the time of purchase, can endanger the lives and health of operators.

Checking PPE

To choose PPE wisely, it is necessary to rely on suppliers who meet the requirements of the European Union. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the manufacturer's contact details are present on the instructions.

What to do in case of doubt?

In case of doubt, the employer should contact the supplier to obtain a CE Declaration of Conformity or a Type Examination CE Certificate. These mandatory documents confirm that the product has been tested and meets European standards. If doubts persist, you can contact the issuing body mentioned on the certificate.