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Was ist die Bedeutung der Schulung für Hubarbeitsbühnen?

Was ist die Bedeutung der Schulung für Hubarbeitsbühnen?

Wir können es laut und deutlich sagen: Hubarbeitsbühnen sind besonders effektiv bei Arbeiten in der Höhe. Obwohl Leitern und Gerüste immer noch verwendet werden, sind wir überzeugt - und der Markt beweist es - dass Teleskopbühnen mehr als nur Hebezeuge sind

Aber diese Maschinen sind nicht einfach zu beherrschen. Und wie jeder respektvolle Bediener, ist es unerlässlich, vor deren Einsatz geschult zu werden. Die Sicherheit des Bedieners, der Verkehrsteilnehmer und die Effizienz, mit der der Bediener arbeitet, hängen von dieser Schulung ab

Practical training in the use of aerial work platforms

One of the big benefits of learning how to use a boom lift is that you learn to control your machine more than just how to operate it. For example, during your training you are taught how to handle the boom of your aerial lift in emergency situations. A bit like learning to brake in a car on a wet road. 

The idea is that you should be able to keep your cool during dangerous situations that would involve a severe accident. 

That is the point of aerial work platform training, to prevent potential accidents in the workplace.

How to prevent accidents when using a cherry picker

There are 3 main dangers when using a cherry picker on a daily basis: 

  • electrical shocks (especially for those of you who work in the maintenance of electrical networks or public lighting)
  • contact with other objects at height
  • falls, which can cause serious after-effects or death. 

We reassure you that this does not happen every day. But when it does, it is often due to the incorrect use of the aerial work platform. Not only can these accidents be tragic for the employees involved, but they can also result in significant liability for your company.

Your role as an employer

As an employer, you are primarily responsible for their safety when they are working. It is up to you to ensure that they are properly trained in the use of aerial work platforms. This training must be regular so that they do not lose any of their skills. The big mistake would be for them to rest on their laurels. Training must be continuous, even though boom lifts are more advanced today than they were 10 or 15 years ago. 

As a manufacturer of vehicle-mounted aerial work platforms, we can only encourage you to provide your employees with certified and comprehensive training.