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Interview with Jeremy, our International Technical Expert

Interview with Jeremy, our International Technical Expert
During summer time, we will meet members of our team to give you the details of their background and the vision of their job, because at Klubb, each employee makes a different. This week, we will interview Jeremy, International Technical Expert at Klubb.
  • Jeremy, what is your background?

In fact, I started to work for the Group in 2008, it was my first job just after graduating from high school in electronics. I was 21 and I was mounting platforms on the host vehicle. It was very interesting as I could learn more about mechanics and electrical wiring. During the ten years here, I’ve done pretty much all the jobs on the production line: welding, preparation of the product parts that are destined for the assembly line, and at the end I was working mostly on the prototypes of the new machines. I also participated in the setup of new production lines after the validation of the prototypes.  It has been a fantastic experience as I increased my technical knowledge a lot and I know all the models down to the last detail.
  • What is your job now?

In 2016, the company started to work with dealers in order to develop our international activities. After a few months, Henri Bourrellis, the Export Director of the company realized that it was very important to have someone able to train the dealers and to help them to organize their assembly lines. He offered for me to work for him and to coordinate all of the support program. For me it was a great opportunity, as I love travelling and I really like sharing my knowledge with people. Now I provide technical aid for the implementation of the production process for the dealers who are mounting themselves the arm on the local vehicles and I train their production team when needed.
  • What do you like the most?

I really appreciate the human and relational side of my work in addition to the technical side. It’s really interesting to understand how people are working and how we can help them to find the best solutions for them in their country. It’s challenging and really satisfying.
  • What is the most difficult?

In fact, the most difficult part of my work and the best part are completely linked. I mean I speak 4 languages (French, English, Portuguese and Spanish) but sometimes it’s not enough and the dealer’s team doesn’t understand what I’m speaking about. So, it can be really challenging to find the right way to communicate but it’s also very nice when I find it. I show directly the process on the machine; I speak with my hand and so on… it can be very funny but at the end people are really eager to learn so we always find a solution!
  • Do you want to add something?

I’ve been working for the Group for almost 11 years now and I’m still learning. Working at KLUBB means being a part of a top-performing team that is committed to the same goal: reaching out with solutions that meet our clients’ challenges. I’m proud to be part of it.