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What are the main advantages of using an aerial work platform for arborists?

What are the main advantages of using an aerial work platform for arborists?

One of the most important risks of working at height in the tree sector is that the climber is very often in a position where they are not able to correctly identify potential risks around him. 

To resolve this problem, it makes sense for the climber to become an aerial work platform operator. By using such a machine, they will gain serious benefits that will ensure greater serenity in their work. Let us see what these advantages are.

Better safety for workers

  1. Using aerial platforms for tree work, the operator is ensuring that they are working in a more stable environment. The rope they might use is more fragile and there is a real risk of breaking.
  2. The aerial work platform operator is less susceptible to tiredness, as they no longer have to climb the tree with heavy and cumbersome equipment. Less tiredness leads to less error too and by consequence less hazards.
  3. Aerial platform operator can load equipment and thus access it more easily. Efficiency and ease of working should therefore be increased.
  4. If 2 operators are working, the one staying on the ground is less likely to be targeted by falling debris or equipment. Indeed, the lateral offset of a cherry picker allows the second worker to be far away from the tree and therefore protected from branches and trees falling.

Workers are not exhausted anymore

  1. Using a MEWP reduces considerably the effort required to climb a tree with a rope and harness. The operator doesn’t have to rest anymore so they are more productive.
  2. The use of MEWPs and the reduced need for climbing results in operators not being so exhausted and allows for a longer working life. 

Time is precious

  1. Climbing and hauling requires a lot of time. Time consumed where the operator has not done the job yet. By using an aerial platform for tree work, you change this perspective. Given that the aerial work platform brings you to the right point you save a lot of time. So at the end of the day more jobs are done. 

Reduce costs of work 

The reduced need for rest, and the overall reduction in time required for work can improve productivity and therefore increase the opportunity to reduce costs of individual work.

Here are some of the main advantages to purchase and use an aerial platform for tree work.  Of course, there is a lot more information to know and understand in order to be able to work on a cherry picker in the tree sector. However, we thought it was important to start with the most obvious.

If you start using aerial work platform for tree working, we advise you to read this guide from IPAF.