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Eco-friendly aerial work platform, choose the right vehicle!

Eco-friendly aerial work platform, choose the right vehicle!

To drive in a clean way, go green! The Klubb team can advise you on the purchase of your next eco-friendly aerial work platform, whether mounted on hybrid, dual-fuel, 100% electric or 100% natural gas vehicles.

The environmental issue has become increasingly important in recent years and on June 8th, the European Parliament adopted a regulation aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from vehicles and light vans. In 2035, the sale of fuel powered vehicles will be banned in the European Union (EU). Klubb, a manufacturer of aerial work platforms, has anticipated this transition to alternative energies and already offers aerial work platforms mounted on eco-friendly vehicles.

Find out more about the different types of engines available in our Green range, and the advantages of each of them.

The hybrid engine

A hybrid engine combines an electric motor and a fuel engine. Thanks to its intelligence, the electric motor takes over when the vehicle's speed is reduced (below 30 to 50 km/h), which stops the consumption of fuel. Depending on the road, the utility vehicle can therefore be driven in all-electric mode, in fuel mode, or even in fuel + electric mode.

The concept is very interesting for urban use, as the electric part is more solicited, which means maximum economy for you.

The benefits:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Use of kinetic energy to automatically reload the electric part of the engine
  • Driving comfort at low speed (silence, easy handling)
  • Reduced maintenance (engine is less burdened by the electric part which operates at an ideal speed)
  • Tax advantages due to its "clean" motorisation

The 100% electric engine

As the only emission-free vehicle, fully electric platforms have an increasingly long range. Quiet and efficient, these utility vehicles require frequent charging. Interesting in the city, the all-electric concept is gradually gaining in popularity and now makes it possible to move away from an exclusively urban use.

The benefits:

  • A "full tank" costs significantly less
  • No emissions of particles or smokes
  • Recharging of batteries during the deceleration of the braking phase
  • Low maintenance (no clutch, no gearbox)
  • Quarter-turn starting, even in winter
  • Quiet engine
  • Tax advantages due to its "clean" motorisation

The bi-fuel engine (petrol/LPG - petrol/CNG)

The bi-fuel concept is the addition of an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or CNG (city natural gas) carburetion or injection system to a vehicle with a fuel engine. The fuel engine is used to start the vehicle and is then automatically replaced by the LPG/NGV fuel as soon as the engine is warm.

The benefits:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Significantly lower CO2 and particle emissions (18% less CO2 and 10 times less particle emissions)
  • Reduced maintenance, the absence of combustion residues from LPG (no clogging, no carbon deposits) increases the durability of the engine
  • Tax advantages due to its "clean" motorisation

The 100% CNG engine

CNG, natural gas for vehicles, is a booming engine. It is a fuel made up of approximately 97% methane (CH4), the same gas used as heating energy. However, be sure to find out how to fill up your vehicle, as there are still few stations offering this type of fuel.

Benefits :

  • An affordable solution: 20-30% savings compared to classic fuel
  • A cleaner alternative to fuel such as petrol or diesel, with no black smoke, no unpleasant smells and almost no particle emissions
  • Up to 70% reduction in NOx emissions compared to diesel
  • 50% noise pollution reduction
  • Tax advantages due to its "clean" motorisation

You are now well informed about the different types of engines available. Now it's time to analyse your daily routine to find out which one is the right one for you.

And don't forget! All Klubb cherry pickers can be fitted with Green pack technology, which allows the platforms to be operated 100% electrically thanks to a self-contained battery.

The Klubb team is at your disposal to give you the best advice. Do not hesitate to contact us!