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Are passengers included in the payload ?

Are passengers included in the payload ?

In our last article we introduced the concept of payload for all types of vehicles. A payload that is important to understand and calculate, especially if you plan to use a boom lift mounted on a vehicle. As a reminder, the calculation is very simple, the payload is the difference between the maximum permissible mass (PTAC) and the empty weight, regardless of whether it is a van-mounted or truck-mounted aerial platform. It is also important to point out that the payload has nothing to do with the visual aspect of your vehicle - you will find the information relating to it on the vehicle registration document, in code F2 and G1.

Today, we would like to answer a more specific question: does the payload include the weight of the passengers?

Well, yes! The payload includes the weight of the vehicle's passengers. Indeed, here are the loads included in the unladen weight:

The vehicle (chassis, bodywork etc...)
The ¾ full tank
Oil, coolant
The spare wheel and tools
The driver, estimated at 75kg if your cab is a 2 seater. If 3 seats then two drivers of 75kg each are counted in the empty weight.

You will find more information on this subject in our article : What is the difference between payload and towing capacity ?

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