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KL32 GAZ Chassis-mounted

Aerial Access platforms

icon working height Altura de trabajo : 12.50
icon offset Compensar : 7.30
icon rotation Rotación : 360

13 Meters Bucket Truck Chassis (42’65”)

Capacidad = 120kg, 1 operator, no outriggers 2 men basket with outriggers (option)

Hydrogen is a track chosen by several car manufacturers and which seems interesting to us.

Our new KT20 model is mounted on an 5t Iveco hydrogen chassis. Our K32 model on an Iveco 3.5t gas chassis is a popular machine for town halls. These models achieve 35% fuel savings and do not consume AdBlue, these are excellent compromises.

This aerial lift has a telescopic arm which reaches a working height of 12.50m and a horizontal offset of 7.30m without stabilizers. Which gives this platform truck the best performance on the market.

All the hydraulic cables are integrated inside the aluminum mast. The telescopic boom of the basket is thus devoid of any external component that can be torn off or damaged by tree branches, for example, during operation. If you need more information before buying this van with aerial platform, do not hesitate to contact us.

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" paquete verde"

Toda la gama de plataformas aéreas de trabajo se puede equipar con la opción ecológica "Green Pack" que permite que las plataformas funcionen con el motor de la furgoneta apagado.