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K20 Aerial platform

mounted on Goupil G4

icon working height Altura de trabajo : 10.10
icon offset Compensar : 4.10
icon rotation Rotación : 420


KLUBB Model = K20 100% electric
Capacidad = 120kg, 1 operator, 2 outriggers

The K20 Goupil G4 is a 100% electric lift and respectful of its environment.

It is mounted on an electric vehicle. Ecological and very compact, this elevator allows operation without noise and without harmful emissions.

This electric boom lift on chassis can reach a working height of 10.10m and its lateral offset is 4.10m. Thanks to a width of 1.5m and its 70km range on the road you can easily work on sidewalks, narrow streets and other narrow spaces. This product is particularly suitable for all cleaning companies, public lighting or maintenance of green spaces and of course for local authorities engaged in an eco-responsible approach.

The K20 on a Goupil G4 is the most compact telescopic aerial platform in our chassis lift range.

This model of aerial platform can be equipped with various options such as a circuit of water or air in the basket, of boards or vaults for the storage of tools.


GOUPIL-G4 (70 km of driving range)

For vehicle options, please contact us before ordering

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