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KT17 Chassis-mounted

Aerial Access platforms

icon working height Working Height : 16.80
icon offset Offset : 12.50
icon rotation Rotation : 420

16.80 Meters Bucket Truck Chassis (55’1″)

KLUBB Model = KT17
Capacity = 300kg, 3 operators, with 4 outriggers

The KT17 stands out for its exceptional features: a working height of 16.80m and an offset of 11.50m. KLUBB’s new range of aerial platforms on chassis are designed for the users right down to the smallest technical detail. We are able to offer customers high performance, cost-efficient aerial platforms that deliver new advances in performance, safety and total cost of ownership.

This chassis-mounted aerial work platform has 4 extendable outriggers, favoring a better grip on the ground and making it possible to modulate congestion on the road.

You can add options such as the signaling kit including gyro and triflash, a drop-side, chests or high-level protection. This aerial platform on the chassis will be perfectly compatible with different brands of chassis like Iveco Daily or Mercedes 313 CDI.


Engine start and stop from basket
Independent emergency electric pump with all the features in the basket for maximum security
Proportional controls
Secure access to the working platform
Hoses and cables are inside the boom structure for maximum protection
Double stabilization :
– Outriggers in the template for a reduced congestion in the streets (working
outreach reduced)
– Outriggers extended at the front, left side or right side for a full working
Aluminium boom for optimum stability
Automatic stabilization (top and bottom)
Home function with automatic stabilizer lift



Technical Specifications

Max. working height : 17.00 m (55'90")
Max. working outreach : 11.90 m (39'10")
Boom rotation : 420°
Max. working load : 300Kg
Max. platform height : 15.00 m (49'30")
Outriggers : 2 extendable H-Frame outriggers
Basket size : 125 x 75 x 110 cm
Chassis weight : ≤3.5 T

Recommended products

icon eco friendly

"green pack"

The whole range of aerial work platforms can be equipped with the ecological option "Green Pack" allowing the platforms to operate with the van engine off.